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After living through Hurriacane Sandy,
the Correa family finds a friend in Wedding Bands & Company.

Thursday November 29, 2012

A few weeks ago we were presented with a story that touched our hearts, a story of the Correa family whose lives were shaken up by Hurricane Sandy that struck New York City this October.  

Chicago’s Own Steve Harvey had come to wedding bands explaining the situation of Pedro, an Iraq Veteran and brave hero that was thereto help people during the attacks of 9/11, and his family who were affected by the hurricane.   Pedro, his wife Jennifer, and two beautiful children had endured and shared so much loss that the disaster had brought to all of New York City, and Pedro even went so far as to help his struggling neighbor as the storm ravaged the whole East Coast.

Among the loss of their neighborhood, their home, and all the memories they had built as a family, there was something of sentimental value that Pedro had lost during the chaos of trying to help his family and his neighbors, he lost his wedding ring. Steve Harvey brought Pedro to Chicago to interview this incredible hero, and when Steve came to Wedding Bands and Company to supply a ring for Pedro, we were honored and happy to oblige. 

The moment our Designer Koorosh Daneshgar met Pedro, it was like we had known each other for years, and that connection with him and his family only became stronger as conversation continued.  Originally we were going to create a replica of the very band Jennifer put on Pedro’s finger when they were wed, but Pedro had pointed out a different design that he knew he immediately wanted.  It was that moment we decided our friend deserved the piece he wanted after all the countless times he had put his life on the line for his country, his fellow New Yorkers, and his loved ones. Greater still when we were introduced to his beautiful wife and children who amazed us all as we all sat down to design his ring, his incredibly bright son asked so many questions and showed such curiosity that inspired admiration in everyone at our store.

We want to thank the Correa family for inspiring us in endless ways, and we want to thank Steve Harvey for choosing our company so we could have the privilege of giving Pedro the ring he wanted and deserved, and for allowing us to restore the important symbol of his and Jennifer’s marriage. 
We will be sharing the segment that features Steve and Pedro’s interview, which will air next week, on our website and Facebook page as it has touched the hearts of each and every member of the Wedding Bands family, we know it will touch your heart as well.

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