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Customize the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Custom Jewelry Design - Custom Engagement Rings - Custom Wedding Bands

You have always known you would recognize your dream engagement ring,   Custom engagement rings,wedding bands, Custom jewelry Design                the minute you saw it. You’ve shopped, surfed, read stacks of  brides’ magazines.
You’ve looked at a thousand engagement rings. You’ve even slipped some on your finger.

Many have been lovely. But, so far, none has been right. None has been your
dream ring:  The ring that says US!" to you. The engagement ring you want to see
on your hand for the rest of your life. The ring that will become an heirloom for
your family.

Wedding Bands & Company by Koorosh Daneshgar Fine Jewelry Designer
can create the engagement ring of your dreams for you (and with you!)…the symbol
of the most vital relationship of your life using an astounding jewelry-creation
method that capitalizes on the best gifts of old-world jewelry-making artistry (inspiration, heart, talent and taste), and 21st century technology (flexibility, precision, and speed).

How It Works
Make an appointment to visit us ("Make an Appointment Today"). Get to know CEO/Chief Designer, Koorosh Daneshgar. Maybe you've already sketched your dream engagement ring. Maybe you've torn out pictures of some rings you like (or some you hate).

If so, bring them along. You'll talk over your tastes in gemstones and precious metals. (If you already own your gemstone(s), bring them, so that Koorosh's design can showcase your stone(s) to best advantages.) You'll talk about budgets, schedules, lifestyles, your ideas for other marriage-jewelry pieces, the kinds of work you do with
your hands, and other personal details too.

Jewelry Designer, Custom engagement Rings,Wedding Rings,Vintage Engagement Rings,custom wedding bands

Koorosh Wedding Bands Company CEO and Master Designer is an imaginative, intuitive, inspired, and easygoing guy. He's passionate about perfect jewelry design.  He also shares your goal: He focuses like a laser on creating a unique engagement ring that is yours alone.
You’ll tell him your thoughts, goals, tastes, and dreams. He’ll ask perceptive questions. Then (as artists have done for centuries, as they begin the creative process), Koorosh will pick up a pencil and begin to translate your dreams into his preliminary sketch of your unique engagement ring.

You’ll talk it over. You’ll spark new ideas in one another, and make new sketches, each one closer to the perfect ring of your dreams. It’ll be real collaboration. If you’re like others who have worked with Koorosh, you’ll find the process really exciting and monumental fun.

If you like, he will show you a wide array of gems, and help you learn what you what you need to know to understand how cut, color, carat, and clarity combine to determine gemstone value. For a tutorial preview, click ("How to Select Her Diamond.")

Then, in a wonderful "ah-ha!" moment, you’ll know that together you’ve nailed it: You’re looking at a hand-drawn sketch of your dream-engagement-ring come true. It’s perfect. It’s a work of art. And it’s yours alone. Forever. After you approve the sketch, it’s time for 21st century technology to step in.

Bringing Your Dream Ring to Life

Our talented computer artists takes over, inputting every graceful feature, detail, and nuance of your custom ring into our state-of-the-art CAD (computer-aided design) jewelry- making software. Once your file ring is perfect, this astonishing software generates a perfect rendering – your engagement ring design, your choice of precious metals, even your gemstones – that looks exactly like a real-life photograph of your finished ring.

Custom jewelry Design Your Own Engagement Ring Using 3D-CAD Technology

Koorosh will e-mail that jpeg to you. If you have changes, it’s simple to make them at this point. If (like most clients), you’re thrilled with it just as it is, you’ll approve the engagement ring design with your signature, and fax it back to Koorosh.

Then Koorosh turns over your dream engagement ring to his talented team of master jewelers and artisans will translate your dream sketch into the magnificent reality.


They willl transmit your ring’s software file to our HR Envision 3D Printer, which generates(“grows”) an exact three-dimensional model of your engagement ring – perfect in every detail – using a photopolymer resin, that replaces tediously hand-carved waxes that were required for centuries in fine jewelry’s age-old “lost wax” casting process.

Now that 21st century technology has delivered its essential support, creation of your ring returns to human hands, powered by the human heart.

"How We Create the Ring of Your Dreams"


Your photopolymer model is assembled (along with those of other pieces to be cast at the same time), on what’s called a “tree” of meltable material, meticulously designed to assure smooth flow of molten precious metal.

Custom made hand crafted jewelry designs

The tree is placed in a metal cylinder (called a "flask"), then "buried" in the finest grade plaster, which fills the cylinder. When heated, the photopolymer models/tree melt, leaving a perfect “negative image”of models and the precious-metal ”pathway.”

hand crafted custom jewelry designs-custom rings

Metal then is melted and poured into the cylinder, filling the “negative images” with perfect positive model replications, in precious platinum or gold.

Handcrafted custom jewelry design, custom engagements rings

The plaster investment is cracked open, revealing the "tree" with Jewelry-Designs on its branches

Handcrafted custom jewelry design, custom engagements rings

Individual castings are separated and turned over to seasoned jewelry artisans for finishing to perfection.

Handcrafted custom jewelry design, custom engagements rings

Gemstones are hand-set, with exquisite attention to both detail and security.

Custom handcrafted jewelry,engagement rings

Each piece is polished, by hand and machine, to dazzling perfection.

Custom handcrafted jewelry

Painstaking inspection, under ten-power magnification, seeks out and corrects casting porosities that would be invisible to the naked eye, assuring that the Jewelry Design is, in short, utter perfection

Custom Design Your Own Engagement Ring Using 3D-CAD Technology,custom engagement rings

Let’s review how we arrived at this unique and beautiful emblem of the most important relationship in your life:

          First, you and Koorosh designed the engagement ring of your dreams;

Then 21st century technology took over, to create an exquisite model of your wonderful engagement ring design; then, back to old-world artistry, utilizing the age-old lost-wax process;

Finally, Jewelry Artists finished your piece with all the heart and talent they bring to every magnificent piece of Custom Jewelry that comes into their skilled hands.

Jewelry Designer Chicago Wedding Bands Company by Koorosh Daneshgar, Custom_made_engagement_rings_fine_jewelry_designs

You’ll look at your ring dream-come-true on your hand. You’ll know that (like the love it represents) it will be yours …and yours alone… forever!

Will You Make a Promise to Us, Too?
We’d like to see you and (your ring) again. We’d also like to check the integrity of the prongs of your diamond ring (for the security of your diamonds) and other stylistic features…to give your diamond ring a professional inspection/cleaning … so we’re all certain it can remain as dazzlingly beautiful as it was the very first minute your ring was slipped on your finger. Those services will be free of charge forever.

More Dreams Come True
WEDDING BANDS COMPANY can use this dazzling Custom Jewelry-Making method to fulfill all your Marriage-Jewelry dreams:

    - Custom Wedding Bands for each of you
    - Custom Wedding gifts for one another
    - Custom Jewelry Design Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Hair ornaments for the  Bride  and much more...
    - Custom Jewelry Gifts for your bridal party (maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, ushers)
    - Custom Jewelry Wedding mementos for your parents,wonderful Diamond Jewelry favors for your guests

Wedding Bands Company by Koorosh Daneshgar Fine Jewelry Designer Is headquartered around the Loop and the heart of Down Town Chicago, at 2 North Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60602; (corner of Madison and Wabash) just steps from Chicago’s new Millennium Park, Downtown Chicago.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings,Wedding Bands and Fine Jewelry at a wholesale prices.                       

Create Your Own Engagement Ring using 3D CAD Technology Design, Imagine the Possibilities with           Wedding Bands & Company by Koorosh Daneshgar Fine Jewelry Designer.