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You’ll never find it anywhere else..
Koorosh Fine Design huge collection of magnificent Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands,

created of superlative diamonds and elegant noble metals. Koorosh Fine Design is only the beginning of the glorious diamond jewelry you’ll find on our site .. and in our shop ...
in the world-famous Koorosh Fine Design is Located at the corner of Madison and Wabash, in the heart of the Jewelers' Row Diamond District,  Koorosh Fine Design is just steps from Chicago's new Millennium Park,   
2 N. Wabash Ave, Chicago IL.
Diamonds, Loose Diamonds 
View Our extensive library of dazzling diamonds – all conflict-free, all cuts and sizes, many GIA-certified – makes Koorosh Fine Design one of the most outstanding Chicago’s Diamond houses. For a first glimpse at our vast Diamond selection,
visit our  Diamond search-engine and our Diamond
selection tutorial
Engagement Rings 
People call us “The Engagement Ring Center.”  That’s because we offer gorgeous Diamond jewelry in fabulous designs you’ll never find anywhere else.  Our designs span from the deceptively simple to the elegantly intricate.
For a sampling, visit  Engagement Rings
Wedding Rings
We love to create two-ring sets (for her) and three-ring sets (for both of you).  We know these beautiful sets will be the symbols of the most important relationship of your lives.  You'll wear them forever and pass them on to generations yet to come.
That honors us. We take our responsibility to you
very seriously. 
For some of our wedding sets visit  Wedding Bands.

Not at the famous, upscale merchandisers. Not at newer-but-opulent jewelry showrooms on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.
Certainly not from mass-
merchandisers or shopping-mall jewelry chains, where you see the same old designs, time after time after time. 
Koorosh Fine Design is very different from those retailers.  Why?

We Design and Create everything we sell, Right here. On site. 
Gorgeous noble metals, graceful and elegant lines, to provide a perfect setting for magnificent diamonds. We choose the perfect diamonds (for your perfect ring) from our huge inventory.  We control every tiny step – from design-dream to magnificent fine jewelry-dream-come-true – right here, on site,  in the talented hands of  our own seasoned trustworthy goldsmiths and artisans.  When you visit us, we’ll be proud to show you every step of how that magic happens.

Fine Jewelry is our passion.
We’re fascinated by breathtaking design.  We’re hypnotized by sensational diamonds.
We can’t stop dreaming up wonderful new designs that maximize the synergy of gems and precious metals.

Koorosh Fine Design dreams up new designs almost every day. 
We make only a few rings of each design.  Only a very few.

But if you want a design that’s yours alone … a reflection of your unique relationship.. with the emblems of what’s most meaningful to both of you …Koorosh Fine Design will create the rings of your dreams, with you … and for you.  For a glimpse of how we do that, visit  How We Create the Ring of your Dreams.

  Koorosh Fine Design is just steps from Chicago's new Millennium Park.

Koorosh Fine Design is only the beginning of the glorious diamond jewelry
  you’ll find on our site and in our shop.  Located at 2 North Wabash Avenue, in Chicago, IL 60602
just steps away from Millennium Park.
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