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Brilliant Spa

Want to keep your jewelry as clean as the day you bought it?.. Get it to the Spa!

Brilliant shine, Professional Jewelry Cleaner, right in your own home!

We all love our jewelry, any piece from a gift to our wedding sets hold sentimental value. That love for our jewelry shows with every day wear and tear by washing your hands or applying lotion, any stone will absorb dirt and grime like a sponge leaving residue on your diamonds and colored stones...   But is there a simpler and more convenient way to get a professional clean?

Well let us introduce you to (our new best friend) theBrilliant Spa by Gemoro, a small compact steam cleaner that provides a professional cleaning in your very own home. As we mentioned earlier metals and stones take on dirt every day, causing residue to get caught in the grooves of your ring as well as under the diamond setting which are difficult to reach and won't wash away with just soap and water.

That is where the Brilliant Spa steps in; with all the power of a professional steam cleaner, minus the bulk and without the hazard that just aren't designed for the home.  The intense steam can reach under the diamond setting, between grooves, and small details in your item without any damage.

The process is quick and easy! Simply:
1) Fill the tank with tap water (soap and water if necessary)
2) Turn on the machine to allow steam to build up
3) When the green light on top of the machine illuminates, you're ready to steam

With its sleek design, this appliance is easy to store away or display as you see fit.  Each Brilliant spa contains the necessary tools to handle and clean your pieces.  Accessories include: A pair of tweezers,  One plastic measuring cup, one plastic funnel, and a stainless steel mess basket.  Once your machine is assembled, fill the tank with tap water, screw the cap in make sure it fits snugly.  At this point plug your machine in and let it warm up which should take up to 3 minutes, or when the green light has illuminated.  Firmly grasp your item with the set of tweezers hold two inches away from nozzle, push down on the cap, as steam with cascade from nozzle rotate ring slowly.  You may continue to steam piece[s] as you see fit.  There you have it!  All of your favorite pieces look as clean as the first day you ever put them on!  With the brilliant spas agreeable size and its simple process, you can clean your jewelry at any time and still have a beautiful and bright professional clean.

Here at Wedding Bands & Co. we know how important your jewelry is to you, and how important it is  to keep it clean.  We carry the Brilliant Spa in our store located at 2 N. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL for the reasonable price of $99.99.  So why take the time out of your busy day to find a jeweler to clean and charge you for cleaning when you can have your very own Brilliant Spa. 

Give your jewelry the same treat you would give yourself, get it to the spa!

Brilliant Spa by Gemoro