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Koorosh Daneshgar CEO/Master Designer and Founder of Wedding Bands & Company

Koorosh Daneshgar CEO/Master Designer
and Founder of Wedding Bands & Company.
Koorosh Daneshgar master jewelry designer more than thirty years of professional experience in creating magnificent fine jewelry, his passion is to create spectacular noble-metals settings for glorious gemstones.

In 1999, when Koorosh Daneshgar formed Wedding Bands & Co.(WBC), he hoped for enough success to support his young family by making fine jewelry in his tiny, bench shop in the world- renowned Mallers Jewelers Center. He achieved that success promptly, serving all distribution levels of the jewelry trade.

WBC is a Diamond and loose-gemstone wholesaler (to the trade and the public)
WBC manufacturers for other jewelry makers and retailers
WBC creates its own proprietary jewelry line, branded Koorosh Fine Jewelry Design
WBC has web presence that's earned worldwide internet success at all trade level.
WBC custom-designs fine jewelry for individual and corporate clients.

    Since 1999, Wedding Bands & Co. has (three times) moved to a larger quarters in the same jewelry trade's Midwest epicenter. Today, Wedding Bands & Co is located at 2 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago IL 60602, just steps from Millennium Park. and is one of the largest diamond stores and service jeweler, in the loop, with a spacious, gracious fine-jewelry showroom, executive offices, design department, diamond library, computers labs, and fully equipped casting/finishing/gemstone-setting facilities.

    One by one, Koorosh Daneshgar CEO/Master Designer and Founder of Wedding Bands & Co. recruited its gifted team of jewelry artisans. Day by day, it acquired the acumen, talent, and capital equipment to bring all jewelry-making process in house - from paper-and-pencil designs through dazzling finish jewelry. "With work in the hands of artists he knows he can trust, he can be confident about quality control, "Koorosh says. "Meanwhile, we control costs, and pass on those savings to our clients."

    Koorosh passion is to create jewelry designs so wonderful, with gemstones so magnificent, craftsmanship so elegant, at prices so affordable, that clients cannot find their match anywhere else.."


    "Our clients have beautiful taste, and they're incredibly smart. Our repeat customers are very well informed about fine jewelry. Others are eager to learn about jewelry and gems, and we're delighted to teach them. They know that a huge retail price tag doesn't always mean that the jewelry itself is magnificent. The jewelry we make is important to our clients. They're too discerning for ordinary jewelry. I love working with them to create jewelry that's theirs alone," Koorosh observes.

    Koorosh Daneshgar CEO/Master Designer explains it this way: “From the very start, we’ve approached every assignment as a ‘job interview.’ The client is the ‘boss.’ We want clients to come back to us, again and again, forever. We’ve never tried to make a killing on any one job. It’s better for everyone if we make just a little profit on each assignment, but have lots and lots of work from clients who honor us with repeat business. Our work is important to our clients. They trust us to create the symbols of what’s most meaningful to their lives.That’s sacred trust.Our work must be perfect and affordable.we promise it will be.”

    To keep those promises, Wedding Bands & Co. scours worldwide markets for magnificent diamonds and gemstones at reasonable prices. Recently Wedding Bands & Co. was named sole Chicago distributor for an outstanding firm that trades on the floor of the world-famous Tel Aviv diamond course.

    “When we received our first shipment, the stones were so beautiful, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes,” “but I was thrilled when I saw their price tags, too. Now we’ll be able to offer loose gemstones, or make wonderful jewelry, for our clients, at much lower cost to them. That makes us deeply happy, especially in an economy like this.”

    “We’re living the American dream,” Koorosh agreed. “We say thank you to our new homeland with every magnificent piece we create. We warrant that our gemstones are authentic and as described, comply with United Nations guidelines, are conflict-free, and have been purchased by us from legitimate sources. We are deeply proud to serve the clients who come to us with a jewelry dream and soon see their dreams exceeded in the reality of beautiful,meaningful jewelry.”

    Design Chief

    Since I was a very young diamond-setter, I’ve been intrigued by the interaction of magnificent gemstones and the designs created for their settings. I love to create unique and perfect designs. I love to keep up with the designs of others, too, and to observe as styles evolve and change.

    I grew up in Persia. Some say my designs (like my language) have a Persian accent. It’s three-dimensional sculpture, gorgeous from every viewpoint. Our work responds to contemporary market tastes and fashions. But I feel another call, too. I dream up jewelry consistent with traditional design principles, so that our creations never seem outdated, even as decades unfold. I follow my taste and my heart, expressed in age-old design principles of grace, balance and proportion, to create beautiful pieces for today and tomorrow. The jewelry we make will become family heirlooms. It’s important.

    “I love to create jewelry of any kind, but my specialty always has been engagement rings. It’s an honor I feel deeply. Every design is special to me. But recently, it struck home at a very personal level, as I designed the engagement ring for Sandra, the woman I love who has agreed to be my wife. That experience brought together everything that’s most important to me – professionally and personally – and filled me with gratitude for the work I’m privileged to do, every single day.

    When I design, I think deeply about what this ring will symbolize. It must be beautiful (and comfortable) enough to be part of my client’s life, for a lifetime. I am proud, humbled, and exhilarated by this trust and challenge. It’s the very best part of my job.”