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Sword Ring


They may not have known it at the time, but a family antique would eventually unite a loving couple. For Jace and Christine's engagement, they knew their special bond deserved an equally special, unique engagement ring. So they came to Koorosh with an understanding of  Wedding Bands Company by Koorosh Master Designer dedication to their Art-Jewelry they create stunning pieces of Wedding Jewelry, with a personalized meaning for each and every client

With every Jewelry Design, Koorosh wants to create a unique jewelry piece that will constantly bring a couple closer together throughout their lives, so they start from the very beginning of their bond.

Customized Diamond Wedding Jewelry,Customized wedding rings

Jace has a beautifully Hand-engraved, antique sword, handed down from his great-grandfather. He had hung it on the wall of his living room to display its magnificence, as the historical sword means a great deal to him and his family. When he started dating Christine, she would come over and always comment on the sword. She was fascinated by its incredibly detailed designs sculpted into the metal and the story behind it.

It was this sword that made Jace realize how Christine truly cared for him how a part of him and his family could mean so much to her. When they said they wanted a customized engagement ring, Koorosh told them to bring in a personal item that means something to them. They, of course, brought in the unique hand-crafted sword.

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Koorosh examined the sword's detail to begin creating the couple's new Personalized Engagement Ring Design. The grip of the sword has sculpted petal-like designs. Koorosh translated the design to line the band of the engagement ring. Similarly, the pommel at the top of the sword is a gold sculpture of the head of a man dressed in traditional armor. The ribbed texture of the armor fit nicely in small crevices of the engagement ring.

The scabbard of the sword, which covers the blade when not in use, is incredibly intricate, with spectacular engravings depicting men in battle and religious symbols. The centerpiece of the sword is a bright ruby-red cross with a rich blue crown, a symbol that has great significance in his family. Koorosh knew it needed to be an important part of the engagement ring, but not detract from the Gemstone.

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The final design shows striking, complex designs, with the couple's initials inscribed below the diamond -one side of the ring shows J C and the other side shows C J. The crown and cross symbol is on the inside of the engagement ring, using brilliant, colorful gemstones. With Wedding Bands Company team of Expert Jewelry-Artists, the unique design of the engagement ring is brought to life by crafting detailed engravings and beautifully cut jewels.

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The couple is bedazzled by their ring's intricacies, and they know Jace's special heirloom will always be with his wife.

Four Rings

Custom Jewelry Work-Four Rings

When two love-struck top-level chefs were ready to tie the knot, they wanted their wedding jewelry to be beautiful and artistic. They yearned for magnificent wedding jewelry that would symbolize several parts of themselves and their future together. When they came to Wedding Bands Company, Chief Designer Koorosh topped their expectations, working with the couple to perfect a custom-made, personalized set of stunning Wedding Jewelry Rings.

Custom Jewelry, Gold Pendant Design

Koorosh first sat down with the client to gather ideas for inspiration. The designer suggested an image of a family symbol that holds certain significance. In the end, their conversation led to a design of a beautiful gold lion, part of the clients family crest, to be displayed in the Wedding Ring. Soon after, Koorosh and his team of craftsmen sculpted the heraldic figure into 18-carat yellow gold.

Along with the family crest, Koorosh designed an image of flames to represent the couples cooking careers. Around the rest of the Gold  Ring, he designed fish to represent the woman's zodiac sign Pisces. There are embedded gorgeous red rubies, the woman's birth Gemstone, in a Flush Setting around the Gold Engagement Ring. Finally, the Wedding Ring is garnished with olive branches, leaves and flowers to represent life, peace and Goodwill.

When the man proposed, she couldn't help but love the intricacies and symbolism in the striking Engagement Ring.

Custom Jewelry Designs Custom-made engagement Rings

For the Wedding Rings, Koorosh collaborated on two identical Diamond eternity Rings. They are gold with the same Engraving Custom Design on their rims that is seen on the Engagement Ring.

For the final portion-the man's Wedding Ring - Koorosh matched the Custom Design to the Engagement Ring, only without the Rubies.

Fine Custom Jewelry, Work-Four Rings

The woman loved the Engagement Ring Design so much that, with Koorosh Daneshgar Chief Master Designer's permission, she used the patterns in various parts of their Wedding, including the wedding invitations and wedding cake. The whole set, totaling Four Wedding Rings, took two months to complete and cost $22,000. One of a Kind Fine Custom Jewelry Design

The man also was thrilled with the project, and a year later he came back to have a Custom-Designed Gold and Diamond Pendant for he and his wife's first Wedding Anniversary. It features her initials in the centerpiece of the Gold Diamond Pendant with those familiar olive branches around it and the same Pisces fish at the top of the Gold Pendant.

Koorosh's breathtaking Custom Designs combined with Wedding Bands Company master jewelers precision and flawless Craftsmanship allowed these five incredibly unique Jewelry pieces of Art to be part of a devoted couple forever, symbolizing their endless love for one another.


Custom Jewelry Design,Wedding Bands

When this couple joined together - a professional performer and a music teacher - it was their passion for music that bonded them. When he came to Wedding Bands Company by Koorosh Daneshgar Fine Jewelry Designer for a Custom-Designed Engagement Wedding Band, Koorosh used her love for the piano as creative inspiration. He Designed a Platinum Ring displaying piano keys, with Diamonds inset as the black keys. For the center of the Diamond Ring, he Designed an Engraved treble clef below a Half-Carat Diamond. The lack of the prongs allows her to play piano freely while teaching.

To continue the theme, Koorosh created a Wedding Band that displays a music staff of a song he always played her. The notes are replaced with small, Flush-set Diamonds. The two Diamond Rings together create a personalized meaning and a beautiful, modern look. As she wears the striking Jewelry, she'll always cherish her love for her husband and their shared love for music.


Modern Style Contemporary Wedding Bands,Engagemnt Rings Customized

When this man came in to Wedding Bands Company for a Custom Engagement Ring, Koorosh helped him realized what his bride-to-be would want. Everything she owns - the furniture in her home and what she wears - is in a distinct modern, European style. She loves curvature and unique shapes that are Stylish and Elegant. Koorosh thoughtfully based his Design on a simple, Clean and Contemporary Style Engagement Ring.

In the ideal collaboration, Koorosh came up with a Beautiful Design and Wedding Bands Co master jewelers Hand-crafted it. The center Diamond is held in between the two sides of the Ring on a lower curved level. The two smaller Diamonds on the sides of the Ring adds more Stylish curvature to the Custom Design. It is extremely Clean and Classic, using Modern-Style shapes to accentuate a stunning Gemstone.

Name's Initials

Customized Wedding Band Ring, Name's Initials Diamond Wedding Bands, Custom Design

Displaying the initials of the individual or couple can be a simple way to Personalize a Wedding Band or Ring. In one case, Chief Designer Koorosh Designed an Eternity Ring for a Wedding Band, with exquisite Diamonds that he selected and set all the way around the Ring, representing eternal love. The couple's initials with a heart in between is wired on the inside of the Ring all the way around, as opposed to being exposed on the outside. The Custom Designed initials subtly are made part of a Creative Custom Design.

For a separate client, Koorosh Designed a Wedding Band that uses initials as part of the Custom Design, but displayed on the outside of the Wedding Ring. At first glance, it appears to be simply an attractive Jewelry Design, but as you take a closer look, you notice the initials around the Wedding Band. Calligraphy-style, raised lettering gives the Ring a Vintage look while personalizing the Jewelry. The letters are elegantly blended in with the Design.

Gay Couple

Custom Design Wedding Band Rings

When Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish wed in December 2005, they were one of the first couples to join in a civil union in England and Wales. They were among 700 couples joined in civil partnerships on the first day they were recognized in the UK.

Elton John had his Wedding Rings made by a longtime friend, the co-president of a luxury Jewelry Company in Europe. The matching Wedding Rings are double-banded with Emerald-shaped Diamonds, and the inside of the Bands show Elton and David's names Engraved with Diamonds.

A few years later, a couple who came to Wedding Bands Company was so inspired by Elton John's story that they wanted their own version of matching Wedding Rings for their civil union. One of the men wanted more Diamonds than a typical Ring, but the other did not. After drumming up some ideas for the couple, Chief Designer Koorosh came up with a creative way to suit both of them. He Designed matching Rings with a continuous infinity symbol Engraved around the entirety of each Ring, symbolizing their everlasting love.

Chief Designer Koorosh set a shimmering bed of Diamonds all the way around the inside of the Ring, while leaving the matching Ring plain on the inside.

Upon seeing the final product, the couple loved the look of the Jewelry Design. The Rings are fitting for each of their tastes but are connected together with a matching, meaningful symbol.

Second Marriage

Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Band set Custom Made Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

To create these exquisite matching Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings for a couple's second marriage, Wedding Bands Company by Koorosh Daneshgar Fine Jewelry Designer reworked an existing Engagement Ring. The redesigned Ring features a beautiful Three-Stone Ring Setting, and the Wedding Ring has a similar style, but with a Five-Stone Ring-Setting.

Once presented with the original, Koorosh Custom Designed the Engagement Ring with beautiful large Diamonds as the centerpiece and Channel-set Diamonds along the sides. He added an Irish Celtic Symbol Design on each side of the Ring and a total of four hearts - two on each side. They represent the four children in the marriage.

Customized Prong Set Five Stone Diamond Wedding Band

With Koorosh's unique Custom Design and his precise setting, Channel-set Diamonds line the Wedding Ring as a perfect match to the Engagement Ring. The hearts on the sides of each Diamond also match, making a stunning pair of Diamond Wedding Jewelry.

Adapting an Old Ring with a new look and meaning can be a great way to celebrate a second marriage, symbolizing new beginnings.