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Diamond Clarity                                                                     

Absolutely flawless diamonds are as
rare as absolutely colorless diamonds.
In fact, almost all diamonds have at least Diamond Education, Diamond Buying Guide,Before Buying a Diamond
a few imperfections, external/internal
blemishes or  irregularities,when viewed
under a microscope or with 10xjeweler’s

Nevertheless, the presence and location of
inclusions bears upon diamond value since
they can impact a gem’s brilliance.  Certified
diamonds come with a description of the type
and location of each imperfection. 

Clarity Grading Scale

FL = Completely Flawless under 10X magnification

IF = Internally Flawless under 10X magnification (only external flaws, which could be
removed by more polishing)

VVS1 -VVS2 = Very, Very Slight Inclusions. Minor flaws detectable only by expert
professional under 10X magnification

VS1 -VS2 = Very Slight Inclusions detectable only under 10X magnification

SI1 - SI-12 = Slight Inclusions detectable (with increasing ease) under 10X magnification

I-1 - I-3 = Imperfect.  Imperfections visible with the naked eye.

Diamonds that come with an evaluation certificate from GIA or other independent
laboratory, itemize such imperfections, using a proprietary clarity vocabulary, including:

Pinpoint:                      A small white dot on the diamond’s surface.
Carbon:                       A small black dot on the diamond’s surface.
Clouds:                        Hazy areas inside the diamond
Crystal Growth:          Small crystalline growth inside the diamond
Feathers:                     Tiny cracks inside the stone  Large feathers may “grow” over time,
                                     making the diamond more vulnerable to breakage

(Most people view a diamond with only the naked eye, however, so internal perfection may
not be worth the added cost, if a diamond is otherwise alluring, fiery, and dazzling.  To
almost every naked eye, diamonds graded IF through SI  probably will appear to be
identical in clarity.)